Sandman in space

“Point cloud is like sandman resting in 3D space “

Been doing kinect tests lately for a freelance project im working on, and im so happy to say that i didnt hold back investing on this small piece of hardware! there’s lots of stuff you can do with it apart from playing games on the xbox 360.

It was fun having point cloud in my living room, being able to rotate the scene and look at it through different angles.

>> playback of cloud and animation sync in blender


here’s a sample video of the produced animation

feet at the last part slides, that was my bad not the software.

I used IpiRecorder to record depth, and then it was imported to IpiMocapStudio to generate a point cloud for bone tracking. The bones are then imported to blender to be used for animation.

>> playback of recorded depth in ipiRecorder | generated cloud in ipiMocapStudio

you can find the full tracking workflow in ipiMocap here>>


ipiRecorder is free and so is Blender of course, you can find more info on these awesome softwares

@ these sites:



As for ipiMocap unfortunately,  its not free.

Ipi Mocap is being sold for $145 “express edition” price range up to $1195 standard edition, kinda rough on the wallet but definitely a worth buy for those wanting to do kinect motion capture.

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