A Portwin Study


An-online-book-series I’m-planning
towards-a-topic on-modern-story-animating .

It’s-currently-in chaptered-summaries of-workflow-parts
this-aims-to-remind -working-people on-the-field (artists-and-musicians)
of-every-process-in-the-production and-not-get-lost-in-it .

Targeting-ages-21-and-above   and-probably-future-aspiring-creative-people   for-the-field-of-work .



Writing-it-in-the-english-language and-tagalog (or-riverish-i-call-it) .
I’m-having-a-hard-time-translating-the-process , since-the-tools-didn’t-come-in-riverish-language , perhaps-translating-even-just-titles would-help.



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