Blender StereoView Layout

A sneakpeak at the blender UI Design I setup, It would be a part of the book tutorial setups to follow for animating and rendering stereo images.

The Animation LayoutSneakPeakit currently has 6 layouts fixed for stereo graphic creations

  1. Scene Creation Layout
  2. Animation Layout
  3. Compositing Layout
  4. Video Editing Layout
  5. Game Logic Layout
  6. Full View Layout

A Stereo Camera Rig is also included within the defaults.

here’s a product of it



ScienceAndMath Of ColorsAndPixelmaps

Here’s an Art book and accessory designs, it’s still book titles but the main

subjects are already written, it’s just a matter of expanding it.

I think it fits highschool readers around 15 years and up.

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“right click” and choose “view image” to  check out the test key-pages


This Book Series has coloring theories referenced from

another book i’m writing named ScienceAndMath Of SoundAndWaveforms.

it takes sound theories to theorify color palettes and thus a product of

harmoniously theoretical color palette sets.

The Color Palette Theories includes:

  1. Color Relativity
  2. Color Standard Setting
  3. Color Standard Chords
  4. Color Harmonious Setting
  5. Color Harmonious Chords
  6. Color Polarity

It’s still a work in progress, but if the stated theories is proven to be true

then same results would apply on colored matter

such as edible fruits or vegetables.


I’m making accessories for my book, it’s really cool now I’m gaining progress, one is a stereographic viewer, mostly used for viewing stereo images using a phone, it’s a nifty tool for graphic artists, it’s still a rough prototype but it works.

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Another one is a calligraphy tool , it writes fonts with liquitex supposedly

it’s packed with a calligraphy pen, some ink and a font map

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and some pastels:)


ScienceAndMath Of HarmoniousSounds


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“right click” and choose “view image” to  check out the test key-pages


This book is about harmonious sounds, it tackles basic music theories and proper structures, it’s still  a work in progress but good enough to be a short curriculum in music, I’ll probably include traditional instrument playing and modern virtual audio production by completion.

This book Tackles:

  1. Sound Components
      Harmonics And Bridges
  2. Sound Instrument Tuning
      Standard Tuning
      Harmonious Tuning
  3. Sound Ambience
    The Modulence Space
    Relativity Theories
    Ambience And Chords
    Harmonious Expressions
    Weekly Daily Ambience
    Yearly Quarterly Ambience
  4. Sound Expressings
      Metronome Theories
      Sound Expression Theories

A Portwin Study

         “A Portwin Study”
“The Story Animation Process”

An online book Series I’m planning
towards a topic on modern story animation.

It’s currently in chaptered summaries of workflow parts
I experienced working on 3D Animation Projects,
this aims to remind working people on the field such as myself
of every process in the production and not get lost in it.

Writing it in The English Language and Riverish(Tagalog)
I’m having a hard time translating the process since the tools
didn’t come in the riverish language, perhaps translating
even just the titles would help future filipino readers
understand it better and how it works.

Targeting Ages 21 – 28 and probably future aspiring creative people for the field of work.




Some Guitar Design Idea I had continuing from Yamaha’s concept of Silent Guitars.

I discovered it from strumming a guitar while holding it’s neck hanging downward.

Resonation seemed longer and ringing was clearer while having the guitar suspended in mid air.