A Portwin Study

         “A Portwin Study”
“The Story Animation Process”

An online book Series I’m planning
towards a topic on modern story animation.

It’s currently in chaptered summaries of workflow parts
I experienced working on 3D Animation Projects,
this aims to remind working people on the field such as myself
of every process in the production and not get lost in it.

Writing it in The English Language and Riverish(Tagalog)
I’m having a hard time translating the process since the tools
didn’t come in the riverish language, perhaps translating
even just the titles would help future filipino readers
understand it better and how it works.

Targeting Ages 21 – 28 and probably future aspiring creative people for the field of work.




Some Guitar Design Idea I had continuing from Yamaha’s concept of Silent Guitars.

I discovered it from strumming a guitar while holding it’s neck hanging downward.

Resonation seemed longer and ringing was clearer while having the guitar suspended in mid air.

old treasure

Recently found this on my hard drive, it was a compilation of everything I was doing back @ the Tuldok headquarters before it shutdown.

Its a shame to let it go to waste so I uploaded it here. Here ya go.

I swear to myself ill continue these experiments one of these days given the time, space, and equipment that I need.

colored candies

ok another geeky post, me tracking candies in python.


no theyre actually refrigirator magnets stuck to my pentablet.

This is a python-opencv test that could be used to implement orientation tracking for the NI-droidcam.

I recently learned python-opencv from a site worth mentioning>> www.neuroforge.co.uk

so thank you Devs for the informative site.

Its still experimental, im still learning a thing or two about it.

next step is to get the data stream into blender and perhaps use the points for a camera rig.

hope it all goes well, wish me luck on this one.