A Personal Document

This is my personal document I’m currently designing,
it’s an adaptation of the creative-common international-attribution certificate.

This holds my works allowed for adaptation of others as well as i can too
of people’s works certified by creative-commons.

In this case I made my own document , it’s the same rule application ,

only with an added feature , such as collections.

Here are the designs:

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The Pivot Study

Working on the rolling pivot design prototype, i didn’t have tools to follow my previous

design so i resulted to designing a new one just for the study. It had school peripherals

( PaperClippers PostScrews And CardBoard) and also materials from the hardware shop (PVC Pipes ScrewsAndBolts).

and this is what i want it to look like


Another One To The Team

another phone accessory prototype , it’s for capturing panning shots2016-06-17_00.05.45[1]

it’s a good part of the basic set paired with a phone tripod mount,



the set is good  for panning and rotating camera captures which one can learn so from.

I’m thinking of creating a montage from it with some video stabilizer app and luckily

my phone’s rare smooth slow cam feature…….. yeeeaaaahhhhh ;)))

Color Balance For Hours And Days

Another addition to the color theories, this nifty tool gives timely recommendations of color tints which could help artists create works which may help people distinguish hours and days, a good reference for setting color balances for television and monitors. Still a work in progress though, I’m having some thoughts about the palette layout.

Blender Workspace For StereoGraphics

A sneakpeak at the blender UI Design I setup, It would be a part of the book tutorial setups to follow for animating and rendering stereo and anaglyph images.

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Sneak peak of the animation layout.SneakPeakit currently has 6 layouts fixed for stereo graphic creations

  1. Scene Creation Layout
  2. Animation Layout
  3. Compositing Layout
  4. Video Editing Layout
  5. Game Logic Layout
  6. Full View Layout

A Stereo Camera Rig is also included within the defaults.

here’s a product of it

here’s a colorspace-viewer i designed ColorSpaceViewer

and a stereographic-viewerStereoGraphicViewerPhoneCase

ScienceAndMath Of ColorsAndPixelmaps

Here’s an Art book and accessory designs, it’s still book titles but the main

subjects are already written, it’s just a matter of expanding it.

I think it fits highschool readers around 15 years and up.

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“right click” and choose “view image” to  check out the test key-pages


This Book Series has coloring theories referenced from

another book i’m writing named ScienceAndMath Of SoundAndWaveforms.

it takes sound theories to theorify color palettes and thus a product of

harmoniously theoretical color palette sets.

The Color Palette Theories includes:

  1. Color Relativity
  2. Color Standard Setting
  3. Color Standard Chords
  4. Color Harmonious Setting
  5. Color Harmonious Chords
  6. Color Polarity

It’s still a work in progress, but if the stated theories is proven to be true

then same results would apply on colored matter

such as edible fruits or vegetables.