This-is-a-color-set-idea-i-made   i-figured-it-from-mapping-the-color-wheel-to-a-piano


PianoPlusColorWheel                                                             then-i-had-this-structure..  MomentumColorsPosterOneMomentumColorsPosterTwoClimaxColorsPosterOneClimaxColorsPosterTwo

i-discovered-this-through-a-guitar   observing-a-sound-pattern   called-the-major-scale

this-i-shortened    then-a-sound-infinite-repeating

i-refigured-the-structure-to-a-piano   since-it’s-easier-to-see

i-remembered-the-color-wheel     a-round-repeatable-structure..

hmm..   perhaps..  it’s-possible-to-map-it-around   the-colors

dividing-it-to-seven   mapping-to-seven-times-of-twelve.






for-good-luck 😉


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