ScienceAndMath OfColorsAndPixelmaps

Here-is-an-art-book and-accessory-visual-design , it-is-still-book-titles but-the-main-subjects-are-already written , it-is-just-a-matter-of-expanding-it .

I-think-it fits-readers around-age-of-15-years-and-up .

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“right click” and choose “view image” to  check out the test key-pages

This-book-series has-color-theories-adapted-from

another-book-i-am-making-about-music .

It-takes-sound-theories-to-theorify-color-pairs which-makes-a-product-of

harmonious-color-palette-sets for-compositing-color-of-images still-in-hypothesis-though .

The-ColorPalette-has-theories-includes :

  1. Color Relativity
  2. Color Standard Setting
  3. Color Standard Chords
  4. Color Harmonious Setting
  5. Color Harmonious Chords
  6. Color Polarity

This-is-still-a-work-in-progress , but-if-the-stated-theories-is-proven-to-be-true


such-as-edible-fruits-or-vegetables-perhaps .


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