Through The looking glass

Here’s another cool Kinect test Ive done

I had this Idea of performing an old Headtracking Wii Hack done by Johnny Lee but with a Kinect sensor.

Originally done by Johnny Lee, the head tracking wii hack is an ingenious way of using headtracking to simulate a virtual room inside your monitor. He called it a VR Display or a “virtual room” display, the process includes tracking a user’s head position and using the tracked data to simulate the view of a virtual room, the feel is like getting to reach into another world  or having 3D objects pop right out of your screen.

here’s how it looks like

forest scene assets modelled by Ross Tec and Ramon Del Prado

The concept to achieving this is actually very simple, the kinect sensor tracks the user’s head
and tries to figure out it’s position, the extracted data is then used to change the angle of the scene tricking our eyes to believe that there’s another room inside our monitor.

now this is actually a really cool way to view and record animations and imitate a POV effect shot, which actually lead me to an idea of animating a camera in a whole new way.

So I had another concept that includes using the users hands to point the camera at certain angles,
it takes away the 3D experience but with this setup you could actually view the scene using hand movements.

i wont hold you guys back on this one, the video is pretty self explanatory
so here’s what we came up with @ the office.🙂

2 responses to “Through The looking glass

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  2. Hi!
    My name is Pablo and I’m Blender user and I have a Kinect sensor.
    Do you have any guide to learn how to use kinect sensor like as control camera in blender?
    thanks. have a good day

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